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Sinol Allergy Relief Homeopathic Nasal Spray with Capsaicin (15 ml)

$14.99 $12.95
(You save $2.04)

Sinol Allergy Relief Homeopathic Nasal Spray with Capsaicin (15 ml)

$14.99 $12.95
(You save $2.04)
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Product Description

Sinol M All Natural Nasal Spray is a clinically proven, doctor recommended all natural sinus remedy guaranteed to deliver relief from sinus congestion, allergy symptoms, sinus pressure, headaches, pain and suffering within minutes.

Sinol is the best, fastest working, most effective over the counter Sinus Relief Remedy on the market. This product is backed by the New York Allergy & Sinus Center. Along with allergist from around the globe. Finally, a Natural Nasal Spray without Antihistamines or Decongestants! And It Really Works!!!

If you suffer from common seasonal symptoms including tender sinuses, congestion, sinus pressure, a headache that feels like it's centered around your eyes or in the front of your head, Sinol is right for you! Most people don't realize that sinusitis can also present symptoms like pain in your cheeks, your upper jaw, or even your teeth. Sinol Nasal Spray will help relieve your symptoms.

Anything that causes swelling in your sinuses or keeps the cilia from moving can cause sinusitis. This can result from a cold, or occur because of changes in temperature or air pressure.

Sinol nasal spray is a clinically proven, doctor recommended all natural remedy guaranteed to deliver relief from congestion, pain and suffering fast!

Benefits of Sinol Allergy Nasal SprayNasal Spray

  • Relieves congestion in minutes
  • Fast relief from allergy and sinus symptoms
  • Drains and cleans sinuses quickly for fast relief
  • 100% Natural
  • Does not contain steroids, pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine
  • Relieves indoor & outdoor allergy symptoms
  • Non habit forming
  • Very safe and highly effective
  • Works in minutes, not hours or days to give you instant relief from pain and suffering
  • Free of harsh side effects
  • Can be used as needed
  • Has powerful antibacterial properties
  • More effective than oral medications
  • Read customer reviews taken from our other company website

Sinol Allergy uses Capsaicin, an ingredient that comes from the pepper plant. This natural ingredient has been harnessed into a nasal spray to bring instant relief and pain control. The capsaicin in Sinol desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose which make them less irritated by airborne allergens, while nasal congestion is broken up with sea salts and eucalyptus cleanses and moisturizes the nose. This combination helps to relieve allergies and congestion fast and helps to prevent allergy triggers while keeping your nasal passages moist, clean and bacteria free, making it the most powerful, all natural allergy remedy on the market today.

Ingredients: Capsicum 4X (capsaicin) HPUS, Eucalyptus Oil 3X HPUS, Aloe Vera Extract 6X HPUS, Purified Water, Rosemary Extract, Saline (Sea Salt), Vitamin C, Benzalkonium Chloride

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