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True Health (Formerly Health Resources) Enhanced Oral Chelation II with EDTA (90 Caps)


True Health (Formerly Health Resources) Enhanced Oral Chelation II with EDTA (90 Caps)

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Product Description

Full Spectrum Nutrient Combination For Healthy, Flexible Arteries*

Heart health is always a top priority. After all, it’s the organ that powers your entire body. That’s why you don’t want to overlook a piece of the heart healthcare puzzle that gets little attention, but is extremely important—your arteries.*

Your arteries form an intricate transportation roadway, moving oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood from your heart to the far reaches of your body, helping your heart pump easier and keeping your body fully nourished. Enhanced Oral Chelation II is an advanced, full-spectrum nutrient combination that works from every angle to keep these blood vessels in top shape so you can enjoy your best cardiovascular health.*

Health Benefits of Oral Chelation:

  • Promotes clear, flexible arteries, i,ii,iii,iv,v*
  • Helps reduce metal ions and excess minerals in your blood, vi,vii,viii,ix*
  • Supports healthy blood flow, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, x,xi,xii*
  • Helps reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation, xiii,xiv,xv*
  • Maintains normal homocysteine levels, xvi,xvii,xviii,xix,xx*
  • Protects against free radical damage to delicate artery walls, xxi,xxii,xxiii*

How Enhanced Oral Chelation II Works for You

Many things contribute to arterial health, keeping them strong yet supple so they can efficiently do their essential work of moving oxygenated blood to every cell, organ and system in your body. Enhanced Oral Chelation II is a one-of-a-kind formula that brings together 13 advanced nutrients, in the right doses and forms, for comprehensive support of your arteries…and entire cardiovascular system.*

The formula starts with ethylenediamine tetracetate, or EDTA for short. It’s a synthesized amino acid that binds to metal ions and makes them water soluble so they can be more easily excreted from your body through your urine.*

Next, Enhanced Oral Chelation II brings you MK7 and MK4, two advanced forms of vitamin K to help move calcium from your blood to your bones, exactly where it belongs. While MK7 and MK4 focus on moving calcium, other ingredients in the robust Enhanced Oral Chelation II formula pick different targets. Inositol hexaphosphate, or IP6, is an amazing rice bran extract that binds to iron and other heavy metals, while malic acid helps your body excrete aluminum. And N-Acetyl-Cysteine, also known as NAC, not only helps sweep unwanted metals out of your bloodstream, it also boosts your body’s overall antioxidant power. This is important for protecting the delicate endothelial cells that line your arteries from free radical damage so they can stay strong and flexible.*

In addition, Enhanced Oral Chelation II includes potent ingredients that support your overall cardiovascular wellness. Both grape seed extract and garlic help keep your cholesterol in check. And folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, as well as betaine all support healthy homocysteine levels, an important heart health indicator.*

In fact, every nutrient in Enhanced Oral Chelation II does double—or triple—duty to keep your arteries, heart and whole body healthy and strong!*

Research Results:

Featured Nutrient—Vitamin K as MK7 and MK4 (50 mcg)

In the Rotterdam observation study of 4,807 subjects, those taking the highest dosage of vitamin K2 (above 32.7 mcg/day) were found to have greater arterial flexibility. i*

An observation study of the diet of 564 women found that those with the highest intakes of vitamin K2 (over 48 mcg/day) exhibited a 20% decrease in risk factors that impact arterial health, when compared to those with low vitamin K2 intake (average of 18 mcg/day). ii*

In an observation study of more than 16,000 women, researchers observed that subjects with a higher intake of vitamin K2 were more likely to maintain normal heart health than those with the lowest intake of vitamin K2. iii*

Featured Nutrient—Grape Seed Extract (200 mg)

In a single-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, 61 healthy subjects consumed grape seed extract (200 and 400 mg per day) or placebo for 12 weeks and were evaluated on different cardiovascular parameters. At the end of the trial, those taking grape seed saw a positive impact on LDL cholesterol. iv*

Research also shows that grape seed proanthocyanidins support blood vessel dilation, help reduce oxidative stress, vi*, support healthy blood sugar levels, vii*, and support healthy immune response. viii*.

Featured Nutrient—EDTA (300 mg)

The claw-like structure of EDTA binds to certain metal ions, including calcium, chromium, iron, mercury, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, cobalt, manganese, and magnesium. Once it binds to a metal, the complex becomes water soluble and can be excreted from the body in the urine.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Enhanced Oral Chelation II™?

The recommended dose of Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ is three capsules daily in a single serving—or as directed by your health care professional.

Should I allow some time between taking Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ and my other supplements?

To ensure maximum absorption, you should allow 30 to 60 minutes between taking Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ and your other supplements.

How long will it take Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ to work?

Nutritional health supplements work differently for different people. You might start to notice a difference from Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ in just a few weeks. You'll likely experience your most powerful changes after 90 days or longer. Consistent usage over time may increase the effectiveness of natural nutritional supplements. Best results can be expected when combined with proper nutrition and daily exercise. Individual results may vary.

How long should I stay on Enhanced Oral Chelation II™?

In order to begin to achieve maximum benefits, we recommend that you use Enhanced Oral Chelation™ for at least 6 to 12 months. However, you can safely use the product for as long as you'd like to continue promoting a healthy heart and circulation. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.

Why do I need to take a mineral supplement with Enhanced Oral Chelation II™?

Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ helps support heart and circulatory health. A mineral supplement like our Mineral Power!™ - helps replace the minerals your body may lose.

Can I take Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ if I have an existing medical condition or am taking prescription medications?

If you have a medical condition or are on medication, it's best to consult with your healthcare professional before taking Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ or any other dietary supplement.

Where is Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ made?

Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ is manufactured and packaged in the United States. Our manufacturing is performed in fully licensed and GMP registered facilities to assure compliance with the latest industry guidelines, government regulations and quality assurance practices.

Can I give Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ to my child or pet?

Before giving Enhanced Oral Chelation II™ to your child, please consult with your healthcare professional. Also, check with your vet before giving supplements to your pet.

Suggested Use: Take three capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.


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