My Great Revelation: The Missing Protocol to Regain Vibrant Health

My Great Revelation: The Missing Protocol to Regain Vibrant Health

Posted by Tanya M. Beck on Dec 21st 2022

I have been searching for answers to complex health challenges no doctor has been able to resolve in over a decade. That includes traditional and natural healthcare providers.

I have tried just about every product I thought could potentially help me recover vibrant health, but still I had not found my answer after years of trial and failure.

I was talking to a nurse practitioner in June of 2022, our conversation led me down a completely different path than I was currently on. When you are not seeing any improvements, it is time for a new direction. This conversation was eye opening and I think my turning point.

Flood Your Body with Ozone, a form of Oxygen

I began researching this treatment and quickly realized it was one of the missing puzzle pieces in my quest for total healing.

What is it? Ozone! After exhaustive research on ozone therapy it was crystal clear I needed to flood my body with ozone, (a form of oxygen).

I started ozone iv therapy twice a month. The problem with these treatments? They are expensive! Not to mention, I realized pretty fast I needed WAAAAAY more ozone to make an impact. I began searching for additional ways to get ozone into my body. I needed a more economical way to do this. 

In my research I found a company that manufactures a variety of ozonated products including suppositories, ozonated oils for skin, ozonated tooth and gum support products, and ozone generators to make your very own endless supply of ozone capable of being delivered to your body in various ways. 

I have challenges absorbing what I take in so when I discovered ozonated suppositories, I knew I needed them as part of my new path. Getting ozone to my gut and colon is just what my body needs. 

I deal with a dental issue so I opted to get several ozone tooth and gum health products for dental health. I also ordered topical ozonated oils that helps to re oxygenate skin tissues for multiple skin conditions, nail fungus and more. I love these ozonated oils and use them every day in various ways.

I love all the ozonated products I have tried from Promolife and will be trying more in the future. The health benefits of ozone are massive. If you want to know more about how ozone may be able to help you, do a quick internet search for health benefits of ozone. They are Amazing!

Mr. Oxygen OxyLift | Daily Oxygen & Mineral Booster

I have since purchased an ozone generator to literally flood my body with ozone, a form of oxygen. I am also now making my own ozonated oils and ozonated suppositories. It has been fun creating my very own custom formulas to infuse my body with probiotics, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial herbs. Whatever your body needs you can provide through these health promoting suppositories. This is especially helpful if your body is struggling to process foods, or vitamin and mineral supplements.

There are a number of issues going on inside my body that makes my case very complicated. There are layers of issues and I realize it is going to take time to peel them back. The great news is I know for certain ozone is making positive changes in my body. My most recent blood tests indicates my blood oxygen transportation has improved and my values are now within range.

I believe the ozone treatments are going to prove to be the best decision I made in my health recovery journey.

If you have a health challenge that you have not been able to conquer, it may be time to consider ozone.

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Warmest Regards,
Tanya Beck