The Healthy Protocol

Royal Velvet Deer Antler Superfood Extract by Blake Sawyer with IGF-1 Growth Factor | The MOST health-promoting adaptogen in the world.

Royal Velvet Deer Antler Liposomal Spray is the most complete and balanced natural food supplement containing nearly two thousand different nutrients and constituents plus the most famous growth factor IGF-1 that work synergistically together to repair damage, nutrify cells, aid organs and systems to function properly, and provide the building materials for the brain and other organs to manufacture hundreds of different hormones, neurotransmitters, and vital substances on a daily basis.

The growth factors found only in the tips of the antler is obtained from New Zeland where deer roam freely while grazing on organic plants. Velveting is done by certified specially trained people and overseen by animal rights activists and veterinarians to ensure deer are not harmed in velveting. The highly trained specialists perform velveting in standardized hygienic conditions at precisely the right time for the highest concentration of nutrients to ensure maximum effectiveness for the highest concentration of nutrients.

Blake Sawyer, the expert behind Royal Velvet Deer Antler and author of "The Homeostasis Protocol" says Royal Velvet is The Key to Divine Health & The Most Life Changing Product In The World. The Healthy Protocol Royal Velvet is simply the highest quality most effective Royal Velvet product on the market. Available in Lemon flavored or unflavored.