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Elixir Industry EZorb Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous Minerals for Bone, Joint, & Muscle Health & Marvlix, an Adaptogenic Herb with Cordyceps Sinensis

EZorb Calcium is THE highest absorption rate of any calcium supplement on the market at 92%, allowing your body to improve and resolve all types of bone, joint and muscle health challenges. EZorb is Elixir Industry EZorb Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous & Marvlix with Cordyceps Sinensisthe best calcium supplement to grow strong bones, eliminate pain from bone spurs, restore damaged cartilage, encourage production of joint collagen and synovial fluid helping to reduce joint pain. Calcium also plays a crucial role in nerve transmission and muscular function and helps to improve sleep, reduce fatigue and muscle pain.

Another great product by Elixir is Marvlix with cordyceps sinensis, an adaptogenic herb considered to be a general health tonic with powerful medicinal properties that benefit all body systems. It gets absorbed deep within your cells locating imbalances and begins repairing damage. The cordyceps sinensis mushroom provides anti-inflammatory benefits, supports a healthy immune system, boosts lung function, increases  oxygen intake, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, supports liver & kidney function and so much more.

These exceptionally high absorbing minerals and herbs have the ability to improve your health greatly and have been top sellers at Advanced Alternatives Center since 2006.

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