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5 of 5  Quality product     November 24, 2019
Reviewer: Laura from Louisville, KY United States     

I’m happy the capsules are easy to swallow, and I’m able to stay off any medicine, for bone strength!

4 of 5     July 3, 2019
Reviewer: Susan Reyes from Conway, SC United States     

I really haven't taken them long.enough to give an opinion yet. But no problems either.

5 of 5 Quality product     June 24, 2019
Reviewer: Laura from Louisville, KY United States     

The 6 capsules per day, are helpful for my bone strength.

5 of 5 BEST CALCIUM     March 6, 2019
Reviewer: Robert Mitts from Kansas City, MO United States     

It helped me get rid of bone spurs!

3 of 5 Addressing Joint Pain     February 15, 2019
Reviewer: John Campbell from Manassas, VA United States     

I rated the product only three stars because it is too early to tell how effective it will ultimately be. In another month or so, I would feel better about making a judgement because EZorb's benefit is supposedly a cumulative one.

5 of 5     January 31, 2019
Reviewer: Theodore Schloesser from Eatontown, NJ United States     

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium Aspartate Anyhydrous (180     January 2, 2019
Reviewer: Robert Trescott Sr from King City, CA United States     

Great product. To expensive/ Fixed income Vet

3 of 5 Elixir Industry Ezorb Calcium Aspartate Anyhydrous     December 28, 2018
Reviewer: Barbara Hoskins from Enid, OK United States     

For me its easier to take the caps but they dont seem to work as fast as the powder when I had the powder I felt a difference in two days wasn't feeling as much pain but with the pills I  still feel quite a bit of the pain. But I decided to keep going with the med maybe some day I wont have any pain in my heels

5 of 5 Pleased     October 15, 2018
Reviewer: Laura Starck from Louisville, KY United States     

I’m pleased with swift delivery and fine calcium capsules.

5 of 5     September 28, 2018
Reviewer: A believer in Kalawalla from Spring Hill, FL United States     

I love the product. I take it daily and I started my husband on it and his bone spurs have gone away. I would highly recommend this EZorb.Reviewer: GAIL B STUBBS from SMITHS STATION, AL United States     

5 of 5 Excellent service     September 10, 2018
Reviewer: Laura Starck from Louisville, KY United States     

I am very pleased with the quality calcium capsules I receive. Ordering at your web site is easy and I like the Happy 10 discount. They arrive in 3 Days! Very nice and convenient!

5 of 5 Grateful for Ezorb     August 13, 2018
Reviewer: Laura Starck from Louisville, KY United States     
I was very happy to receive my order in a few days!!!

5 of 5 Ezorb     May 9, 2018
Reviewer: IR. from Cocoa, FL United States     

I'm taking Ezorb to ease up the pain from the bone spur in my heel. I also purchased Kuru shoes and Vionic Orthaheel shoes to help with this issue. My pain is almost completely disappeared within one month. I don't know what contributed to it the most Ezorb or the new shoes. I like that Ezorb is a natural supplement and can be taken without any side effects. It increases bone density as well. I recommend to try this product.

5 of 5 Elixir Industry EZorb Calcium Aspartate Anyhydrou     March 22, 2018
Reviewer: Angie Scott     

I always receive friendly and prompt service.

5 of 5 Best Calcium that I have found     March 9, 2018
Reviewer: Sheba Israel from Houston, TX United States     

I have been using EZorb for about 2 years now.  It has rid me of bone spur pain.  I will take it as long as its is manufactored. I am sure that it is helping all of my bone structure, because I have sisters who continuously complain of knee and joint pain that I never have.  I am 67 years old now and have no joint pains.

5 of 5     February 1, 2018
Reviewer: janet denison from Florence, AZ United States     

Great service and convenience for paying through PayPal.

5 of 5 EZorb     January 21, 2018
Reviewer: Sheritha Butler from Amite, LA United States     

it's too early to say

5 of 5     December 21, 2017
Reviewer: Laura Starck from Louisville, KY United States     

5 of 5 Elixir Industry EZorb Calcium Aspartate Anyhydrous     December 7, 2017
Reviewer: Siri Welch from Los Angeles, CA United States     

I love this product. My calcium level was low, I did some investigating on the web and this product looked promising.
I took it constantly for years.  I started off with 6 and my calcium level increased and I changed to 4 capsules.  I'm going back to six because I'm older and I don't want osteoporosis.  Also customer service is an A+.

5 of 5 ezorb     December 1, 2017
Reviewer: Dee Jones from Myrtle Beach, SC United States     

Product is good and delivery is timely.

5 of 5     November 26, 2017
Reviewer: Charles Koch from Big Bear Lake, CA United States     


5 of 5     November 16, 2017
Reviewer: Vickie Craven from LULA, GA United States     

Very good

5 of 5 Fibromyalgia     November 2, 2017
Reviewer: ME from Lake in the hills , IL United States     

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for 4 years after a accident that I had walking my Dog I shattered my entire Right Arm, that was enough  trauma it’s been the hardest 4 years of my Life and I have try medications but the medications made me feel Tired and Sleepy all the time didn’t want to get out bed and gaining weight and having 2 kids that are so active and my husband who’s so understanding I decided to try this EZord that a friend recommended to me after nothing working I have tried it and My God it works, I have forgotten how it is not to be in pain and this has really helped me so much, Thank you

5 of 5 Calcium supplement     October 12, 2017
Reviewer: Dorothy Lehman from Matthews, NC United States     

I've been using this product for quite a while.  I stay with it because I think it does what it is supposed to do by providing CA to the bones, not weakening the bone.

5 of 5 Ezorb     September 15, 2017
Reviewer: JENNY MITCHELL from EDGEWATER, FL United States     

Have been taking the supplement everyday since I received it.  It's been a couple of weeks, but I starting to feel less pain in my heel.  I really hope this works. Having a bone spur is no fun.

5 of 5 Wonderful     September 9, 2017
Reviewer: Nancy Valent from Brecksville, OH United States     

Great customer service!  The agent I worked with was able to give me a coupon.  Very nice!

EZorb Calcium Promotes Health     September 6, 2017
Reviewer: Jeanette Tomasullo-Morelli from Palenville, NY United States     

Not only have my hip bone spurs disappeared, my health has improved. Thank You Tanya!!

4 of 5 Review     July 31, 2017
Reviewer: Regla Gomez from West palm beach, FL United States     

Just a note of advice, maybe you can send the survey 2 or 3 weeks after shipping. I had not replied because it was too soon and I wanted it to give you a fair try. I have to tell you, I have suffer from bone spur for 25 years. I was able to contained with traditional medicine through the years. In the last 6 months, they started acting up. Refused Cortizone shots and decided to give Ezorb a try. 3 weeks later, I can tell you my bone spur pain has gone away. I am still taking it because I had surgery in both knees and have some issues with joint pain. Have faith that Ezorb may help with that.I am 52 years old.

5 of 5 Trustworthy     July 18, 2017
Reviewer: Sandra Hickey from Magnetawan, ON Canada     

I've made 3 orders in the last yr  & everything has arrived in perfect condition ,speedy service  & all @ a fair price!

5 of 5 Prompt delivery     June 9, 2017
Reviewer: Starck from Louisville, KY United States     

Thank you for the Ezorb Supplememts! I am so happy I received them  a day before I traveled!

5 of 5 fast shipping / great service     May 6, 2017
Reviewer: Angela W from Gallatin, TN United States     

I ordered from AAC because I found their prices to be a little better than others when it comes to EZorb. Got my order fast.

5 of 5 Trust worthy     May 5, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Magnetawan, ON Canada     

I'm very impressed on how quickly my items were shipped  & arrived at my home,being has I live in central /to northern ontario canada! I received my shipment within 1& a half wks. This is the second time this year that I've ordered from your company & both times I've been impressed with the prompt service.

Thanks, Very appreciated

4 of 5 ezorb Calcium for bone, joint and muscle disorders     March 30, 2017
Reviewer: Paul Christenson from Twin Falls, ID United States     

The product is working bone spurs not compleatly gon but are getting better . The arthurites isn't getting better but it has only beena little over two months so am hopping it works as advertized .

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     February 24, 2017
Reviewer: Patsy Corbell from Midland, TX United States     

Tanya was very helpful and answered all my questions. I will be buying from them again.

5 of 5 thank-u     February 23, 2017
Reviewer: Janel kindberg from Visalia, CA United States     

Thank-u so very much for the wonderful care!! and fast service,  its always appreciate it!!

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     January 15, 2017
Reviewer: Janel Kindberg from Visalia , CA United States     

They are super fast with My Order, the ezorb is wonderful with my muscle aches. And they are cheaper than getting this from company that makes it.

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     December 9, 2016
Reviewer: Shirlene A. Daw from Clovis, CA United States     

I am a Registered Nurse and have had several on the job back injuries. I started taking Ezorb in September and I cannot believe it but I can honestly say I have NO BACK PAIN (and I have suffered for 8 years). I am not one to pop any kind of pills but I see myself taking this medication forever! This product is absolutely awesome! You won't regret taking it. It is worth way more than the price per bottle.

5 of 5 E-Zorb Calcium     December 6, 2016
Reviewer: Fred from El Paso , TX United States     

Decided to purchase this product here because the company I had been purchasing from moved their billing out of the US, and that cost extra because card companies charge extra for things purchased outside the States.  AAC was easy to order from and supplied the product quickly and I will continue to order this excellent product here.

5 of 5 EZorb     October 6, 2016
Reviewer: Larry Warner from Topton, PA United States     

I always purchased from EZorb direct.  I was on a different computer and did not have their web site address so I Googled and your web came up so that is how you received my order.

Thank you  for the fast service.  It was great.

5 of 5 Ezorb calcium capules     September 4, 2016
Reviewer: laura starck from Louisville, KY United States     

Thank you Tanya!  Your friendship and support mean a lot to me.
Blessings in health,

5 of 5 Results     September 1, 2016
Reviewer: Dolores from Springfield, OR United States     
I can see the difference this product is making in my nails and feel the difference in my joints.  Looking forward to seeing the results when my doctor orders another bone density scan in the future.  Chose this product instead of a prescription for Fosamax.

4 of 5 EZorb clcium     August 2, 2016
Reviewer: Bobbie Davis from Houston, TX United States     

I have been taking EZorb for only 6 days now. I don't really feel any difference yet but I intend to keep taking it.

1 of 5 Results to date     July 21, 2016
Reviewer: Robert LaMagdelaine from Hicksville, NY United States     

After two weeks I've had no improvement.  Hopefully things will improve over the next few months.  We shall see.

Advanced Alternatives Center Response:  Hi Robert, at two weeks you are barely getting started. No customer is going to see improvements this quickly. Its too soon. Please read the materials we sent along with the product that states it takes 6 weeks to 3 months to begin feeling the full potential of EZorb.  

5 of 5 EZorb     July 7, 2016
Reviewer: Linda from Houston, TX United States     

I have heel spur pain me since December 2016.  I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis & given anti inflammatory medication that did nothing but put me in a stupor. By May I changed doctors & was told that I had a heel spur.  This doctor prescribed anti inflammatory cream & an air boot.  This actually made the pain not as bad, but only when I used it.  Doing anything without the boot was painful. I went back to the doctor who said he had done all he could without surgery.  He suggested surgery & I bid him farewell.  I decided to research my condition.  I found EZorb.  I read the reviews for days wondering if they were true.  I decided to try the product and found that in 2 to 3 days my pain was not as bad.  

By the 5th day I was out of the air boot.  I ordered 3 more bottles of EZorb. This product is great. I told my mom about it & she had back and leg pain.  She is much better within 2 days & just ordered her 2nd, 3rd & 4th bottle.  Please don't stop selling this product.  It works.

5 of 5 Ezorb capsules     May 12, 2016
Reviewer: Susan Johnson from Admire, KS United States     

I had an order sent to myself & a family member. Fast  shipping & order was correct. Thank you!

1 of 5 Shipping     May 12, 2016
Reviewer: Diana Sanchez from Bogota , Cundinamarca Colombia     

I have not yet received My track Number

Advanced Alternatives Center Response: Hello Diana, our system is set up to automatically send emails with tracking numbers if the customer provides a valid email address. There are a couple reasons a customer may not receive their email. The first possibility is an invalid email address was provided, second, the email landed in your junk or spam folder. With so many spam filters, emails often times end up there. YOu could have contacted me by phone or email adn I would have been happy to give it to you verbally.

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     April 3, 2016
Reviewer: Anton Hol from Pella, IA United States     

I have been using it for nearly 2 years and feel that it is helping bone spurs in my neck.

4 of 5 EZorb Calcium early review     March 28, 2016
Reviewer: Ann Mechur from Oak Bluffs, MA United States     

EZorb Calcium seems to be absorbed and assimilated by my body rather well, although it has been only about two weeks since first starting the supplement.  Thanks.

4 of 5 EZORB Calcium     March 25, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person     

I have only been using the product for about 2 weeks, but I think I have a little less pain. I had a car accident years ago that caused degeneration of 2 discs in my neck along with a bone spur. I'm hoping EZorb Calcium over time will dissolve the bone spur and help regenerate the discs and the cartilage.

5 of 5 May be too early to tell, but so far so good     March 4, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Sebastian, FL United States     

Can't say for sure how effective this is going to be in getting rid of my bone spur - I've only been taking it a couple of weeks. However, my heel does already feel a lot better so I have high hopes!

5 of 5 Best option     February 12, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Springfield, OR United States     

Doctor wanted to put me on a prescription medicine for osteoporosis and after researching it I ruled it out immediately.  Scary stuff!!  Then I researched a natural alternative & found EZorb Calcium.  I intend to stay with it & see what my next bone density scan shows.

5 of 5 Ezorb     August 20, 2015
Reviewer: Joyce Tucker from New Port Richey, FL United States     

So far it seems to be doing what it says, great product if your have bone spurs.  Glad I found your web site.

5 of 5 Strong bones     July 24, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Austin, TX United States     

I have been using Ezorb Calcium for many years. Recently I switched from powder to the capsules for the convenience. I am in the over 60 crowd and every bone density test I've had shows that I have very strong bones. I will continue to take this supplement as long as I live!

5 of 5 A true alternative to Calcium Carbonate     May 29, 2015
Reviewer: Judah Wolf from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL United States     

Due to the damage of her parathyroids during thyroids-ectomy, my wife has been critically(!) depended on oral Calcium supplement. After years of using, hard to digest, 10 Calcium Carbonate a day, we discovered Ezorb.  She is now using 6, easy to digest, Ezorb capsules a day.
We order it from Advanced Alternatives Center. Shipments is made promptly and at the right price.
Thank you Tanya!

5 of 5 Great Product     May 28, 2015
Reviewer: Christine Wells from Arden, NC United States     

This is the second month I have used this product in a row. My symtoms have practically disappeared. My foot feels better. I was diagnosed with a mini bunette. I was in a lot of pain. I got inserts for my shoes from the Dr. So for now I am pleased with the product. I used it before for  a spur in my toe. It helped relieve symptoms as well.

5 of 5 bone spur     April 24, 2015
Reviewer: Donald I Sweetapple from Sun City West, AZ United States     

I have been using Esorb for 3 approximately three weeks and I already notice an improvement in the pain level caused by a bone spur in my heel. I am confident that I will experience less pain as I continue to use Esorb.

5 of 5 ezorb calcium     April 13, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Beaverton, OR United States     

Excellent result

5 of 5 ezorb calcium 180 caps     March 23, 2015
Reviewer: Anonymous Person     

Great product
1 of 5 Ezorb Calcium (180 Caps)     December 4, 2014
Reviewer: Teresa Gregory from Farmington, AR United States     

30 days and have not seen any benefits.

Advanced Alternatives Center Response: Thanks for the feedback Teresa. When taking nutritional supplements it takes time to begin seeing improvements. Unfortunately it doesn't happen overnight or even in 30 days. You would have received a brochure in your order stating it can take up to 90 days to see improvements. That is the general time frame for many supplements on the market. It takes time to create that much needed balance in your body. You did not give the supplement enough time to work.
Warmest Regards,
Tanya M Beck

5 of 5 Ordered Ezorb     November 4, 2014
Reviewer: james worthen from marsing, ID United States     

My wife uses Ezorb regularly and Advanced Alternative Center has been a consistent source for me to order from. The shipping is always fairly fast and the packaging is more than adequate. I have not had any problems ordering from this site and it has a wide range of products.

5 of 5 Ezorb Calicum caps purchase     October 15, 2014
Reviewer: Randall Maddox (Mildred) from Ardmore, TN United States     

Tanya is the best person I have talked with that has the knowledge to help you.  She has really been up front with my questions and answered them to my satisfaction. I have been taking Ezorb for six months and I can definitely tell it is working on the bone spurs in my right shoulder.  I will continue taking Ezorb,  it is so much better than surgery by far!  Thank you,  Mildred Maddox

4 of 5 Excellent service...     September 19, 2014
Reviewer: George Stewart from Lexington, TN United States     

Your service was timely

5 of 5 Ezorb caps     September 16, 2014
Reviewer: Robert Smith from Battle Creek, MI United States     

very good product. well satisfied with the product and the service.

5 of 5 Good service     August 26, 2014
Reviewer: Shirley Caudill from Bellville, MI United States     

I was very please with  ordering from AAC  because they are very speedy on sending orders.  I will order from them again.

5 of 5 EZORB CALCIUM     August 11, 2014
Reviewer: Nancy Giglio from New Hartford, NY United States     


5 of 5 Ezorb     August 7, 2014
Reviewer: Lucia Woodlief from Youngsville, NC United States     

Have been taking Ezorb for several years now; my husband and I both.  Unfortunately, have not had a new bone scan done since.  Will hopefully be getting a bone scan soon and at that time will find out if Ezorb has performed better than other calcium tabs I had been taking.

5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium     August 5, 2014
Reviewer: Julie from AZ United States     

Ezorb calcium is THE best calcium on the market. if you want results, stop wasting  money on other supplements and start taking Ezorb. For the past two years I've had great success with Ezorb calcium. It gave me back my life! No more heel spurs, no more plantar faciitous and being menopausal at 54, I really need the benefits of a great calcium supplement. I appreciate the great customer service from AAC, they get it to me ASAP. And I trust my purchase is safe with the benefit of PayPal. Just do it!

5 of 5 The best yet     July 22, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Brooklyn, NY United States     

This is the second bottle I have order. I have been taking 4 tablets as directed when you first start. I'm going on  my second month, all I can say is I love it so much, every morning I would wake up and my hands had this tingling feeling  it was hard to make a fist or hold things, also a small bone spur started to grow on my ring finger, I'm just going on two months, and I can already feel a great deal of difference, I felt the difference from the first bottle. Now my hands do not have that tingling feeling, the spur seems to be diminishing I'm so happy to feel alive again I'm 53yrss old and Ezorb has saved me from my depression state I was in. I'm so happy to have try it, I believe I found a brand new companion, Ezorb it's a keeper.

5 of 5 Ezorb 120 capsules     July 2, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Stoneycreek, NY United States     

I was very pleased with my purchase... Fast shipping too. Thank you.      
5 of 5 calcium pills     June 13, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Mesa, AZ United States     

Recommended by my doctor and have been using them for years. Very satisfied.

5 of 5 Service     May 12, 2014
Reviewer: Roger Phillips from WILKESBORO, NC United States     

You have great service, you ship quit, don't have to wait 24 to 48 hrs. like some places you order from, your service makes you want to order again, Esorb is really good. I give you an A+.

4 of 5 Bone Spurs in hip     April 27, 2014
Reviewer: Ward from Oxford, OH United States     

Pain from the spurs is gone.  I began to feel some relief after about a month. It took about 3 months for results to kick in completely.  I'm back to running 50 miles /week without hip pain. The Ezorb combined with an extensive program of strength work and stretching has really worked.  Patience is the key.  Stay with the program.

5 of 5 Osteoarthritis     February 10, 2014
Reviewer: Irene Phillips from Laguna Woods, CA United States     

I have been using alternative products for some time so I'm hoping this product will help with my osteoarthritis in my hands.  I had tried the powder but found the pills to be more convenient.

5 of 5 Ezorb capsules     November 29, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Grafton, VT United States     

The capsules are easy to take, and with no taste. They don't interfere with any other meds I need and provide the amount of calcium I require. The powder I found more difficult to take.  It didn't seem to dissolve in liquid, leaving a film on the inside of the glass. I called customer service and they suggested I put it in oatmeal or applesauce, which I'll do so it isn't wasted. Meanwhile, I'll continue with capsules since I find them easier and fit in my pill boxes.  
5 of 5 Calcium     October 19, 2013
Reviewer: Mónica Lozano Ostos from Bogotá, Cundinamarca Colombia     

Me han recomendado este calcio puesto que al parecer es el que mejor absorción tiene

5 of 5 Exorbitant Calcium     August 28, 2013
Reviewer: Pamela Warren from Sugar Land, TX United States     

Very satisfied.

5 of 5 Exorb caps     April 4, 2013
Reviewer: Clinton Page from Concord, VA United States     

Received order in a timely manner. Ezorb is A great product

3 of 5 NOT SURE YET     April 2, 2013
Reviewer: Mildred Seaman from Leesburg, FL United States     


5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium     February 11, 2013
Reviewer: Kim Kuhn from De Soto, IL United States     

This is a great product.  Shipping is very quick.

5 of 5 Ezorb     January 20, 2013
Reviewer: Judith Knief from New Berlin, WI United States     

Great Stuff.  Great Service.  Thanks.          
4 of 5 bone strength     January 2, 2013
Reviewer: jean werner from naples, FL United States     

just started this supplement, will update after i have been taking it a few months, i am optimistic about it for sure.  trust tanyas' guidance.

3 of 5 bone spures     December 1, 2012
Reviewer: Jerrel Garner from Carlyle, IL United States     

my wife was x-rayed with bone spures and calcium build-up.had 3 back surgeries in 1999,with rods in lower back.she takes 4 10-650 hydrocodone per day along with 3, 8 mg.hydromorphone.slight relief after 4 months of ezorb. new x-rays should reveal results on progress.

4 of 5 Convenient     October 18, 2012
Reviewer: Donna Auman from Spring Mills, PA United States     

I choose to break the dosage up into two. I've only used it 2 days as I like to use the powder when I'm home, but will be using it more on weekends and bus trips.

4 of 5 Calcium     August 13, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Indianapolis, IN United States     

I have been taking this product for awhile now to help my osteoporosis.

5 of 5 Best Calcium Supplement     June 21, 2012
Reviewer: Randy Bright from El Dorado, AR United States     

This is probably the safest and most effective calcium supplement on the market.  I would recommend it to anybody with bone spurs.

2 of 5 ezorb (180 caps)     June 21, 2012
Reviewer: astrid grant from hernando, FL United States     

It is too early to judge these pills. i am not done w/ my 8 pills yet. ( another week)  I have no side affects, but I still have a pain in my hip when I walk a lot or lift. I just done my bone d. test before I started taking these so my insurance won't let me have another one for 2 years. so how can I judge?

5 of 5 E-zorb     June 19, 2012
Reviewer: Gail Wyatt from Half Moon Bay, CA United States     

This is my second order of the 90 day supply of both capsules and powder.  Once I get my next Dexa screening...I will let you know.  So far, no complaints... Gail

4 of 5 So far, just fine     April 23, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Hernando, FL United States     

I am in hopes that this product give me the wonderful results othere have reported.

5 of 5 Praising Ezorb Capsules     April 5, 2012
Reviewer: Correna Wilson-Pickens from Shawnee, OK United States     

My husband is 82 and has birth defect of the spine and also degenerative spinal discs, rheumatoid arthritis and is also a diabetic, therefore suffers a lot of pain. I ordered the EZorb Calcium capsules for him, and after about two or three months, his constant pain lessened to where we could lower his arthritis pain medicines. We praise God for finding out about EZorb and thankful for a better and happier quality of life!!!

5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium     January 16, 2012
Reviewer: Libby Wells from Louisiana , United States

I have been using Ezorb Calcium around three years. I received great results on my Bone Density Test the next year after beginning Ezorb. My physician was very pleased and advised me to continue using this great calcium. I was relieved that it wasn't necessary to take one of the prescription medications for  bone loss.

5 of 5 OSTEOARTHRITIS     March 30, 2009
Reviewer: Ruby Tullis from sandy valley, NV United States

My dad has osteoarthritis in his hips very badly.  He has to use crutches.  He started taking this product, and found within a week he was getting around much better, and the pain has nearly gone away.  He still uses the crutches for stability, but he feels so much better.  I started my Husband and brother, on this also.  They noticed all their aches and pains in their joints go away, within about a week.  They couldn't believe it.  I got my neighbor on the Ezorb, she is a nurse on her feet all day, and she said her legs use to be achy and restless after about 5 hours, and now she can go the full day without aches and pains.  I just keep telling everyone about this product.  It is the best calcium we have ever tried.  I can't say enough about it.

5 of 5     July 16, 2019
Reviewer: Judy Burgess from Maple Grove, MN United States   

Excellent service. Had my order in  2 days and the middle day was the 4th of July.

2 of 5 Got powder instead of pills     May 9, 2019
Reviewer: Shirley Fingerson from Rochester, MN United States

I had ordered the pills not the powder unfortunately when I call back nobody help me so not very happy

Response From Advanced Alternatives Center: Hello Shirley, As a small business owner answering my phones personally and returning calls is one of my top priorities. If you called and left a message it is possible that for some reason we were unable to hear all the numbers to return your call. It is also possible that all phone lines were tied up when you called. The only way we could return your call is if you leave a message. I am certain that if you had reached customer service we would have resolved your issue immediately.

5 of 5 E zorb calcium     April 22, 2019
Reviewer: Lisa Greene from Perris, CA United States   

So happy to continue using ezorb calcium. I notice results so quickly. The delivery to my house was niceand fast. I will continue with this product. I so like it in the powder formula. Thank you very much. Lisa g.

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     February 12, 2019
Reviewer: Stan Slobodnik from Kenosha, WI United States   

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     January 7, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Chandler, AZ United States   

I have been using this product for several years with great success

5 of 5 Great product/Great service     November 19, 2018
Reviewer: Susan Jackson from Fairview Park Ohio     

Been taking EZorb for awhile now.  Can't believe how great I feel.  Am able to walk without assistance.  And have been attending exercise classes to build core strengthening at the rec centers. Have more energy.  Very pleased.

5 of 5 Great product     November 14, 2018
Reviewer: Susan Jackson from Fairview Park, OH United States     

5 of 5 Price     September 27, 2018
Reviewer: Barbara Marchand from CORNWALL, ON Canada  

I want to continue using this product, my only  complaint is that I am now charged duty & taxes
which increases the price significantly. Would love it if you could find a Canadian Distributor..

5 of 5 Help for foot spurs     June 15, 2018
Reviewer: Paula from Florida, NY United States

I'm finding EZorb to be effective in helping me with foot spurs. They were extremely painful, but now are much less so even after three weeks.  Will be very grateful to be fully restored to ease of movement.  Thank you so much for this product.

5 of 5 Improve Calcium absorption     June 10, 2018
Reviewer: Catherine Fantini from Mount Carmel, PA United States

I have been taken EZorb or a  few  years now and it has help me improve from Osteoporosis to Ostopenia. Great product!

5 of 5 Great for Pain     February 4, 2017
Reviewer: Pam from Doniphan, MO United States  

When I take Ezorb Calcium, I don't have back pain, but if I quit taking it for a couple of days, my pain returns.  I haven't had a bone scan for awhile, so I don't know how it is helping my bone density.

4 of 5 Will continue to order     October 14, 2016
Reviewer: Doreen Atwell from Charleston, SC United States

Used for first month and did not reorder right away. A few days later felt less healthy so reordered and began feeling better again . Will continue to renew if money available .
Thank you !!

4 of 5 Noticeable improvement     August 29, 2016
Reviewer: Camilla Mitchell from Upper Marlboro, MD United States

I must admit, I didn't notice a change until I missed a dose two separate times. I said I would give it 30 days to see if it works. I'm running out and want to give it  another days. I have a bone spur right below my left Achilles' tendon. I've run out of EZorb, and without it, I'm having more throbbing pain after my workout. I didn't care for the taste of the powder, but I persevered through it. My next bottle, I will get the pills.

5 of 5 Works well     August 25, 2016
Reviewer: Robert Avent from Wilmington, NC United States   

Have been using EZorb for a week and feel better already.

5 of 5 Thank you     May 21, 2016
Reviewer: Linda Hill from Costa Mesa, CA United States  

I appreciate you Tanya for helping me with this great product. I will be ordering more EZorb Calcium in the future the powder is easy to take.

5 of 5 Bone spur pain     April 28, 2016
Reviewer: Donald I from Sun City West, AZ United States   

I love to walk but it was impossible as the pain was extreme from a bone spur on the back of my left heel. I found Ezorb, read the reviews, and ordered. Within a month I could power walk daily for 50 minutes. I use the powdered form and I am certainly a believer.

1 of 5 Ezorb Calcium 100 G Powder     January 8, 2016
Reviewer: Anonymous Person     

The new smaller bottle is not a good design for easily getting the powder out with a measuring spoon.  The older larger bottle with the wide mouth allowed one to level the power in the spoon to get an accurate measurement.  I was told a smaller bottle was being used to condense the powder so if I pour it into my old bottle, it will no longer be condensed and the measurements will change. I hope the company will consider putting the powder in a small bottle with a wide mouth.

Advanced Alternatives Center Response: I agree that the new bottles are smaller mouth and it is not as easy to scoop out the product. The company made this change to cut down on costs so they did not have to raise prices to the consumer. I hope you agree that the small inconvenience is worth it to save money.
Warmest Regards,
Tanya M Beck

4 of 5 EZorb Calcium for bone, joint and muscle disorders     December 31, 2015
Reviewer: pauline bonta from Vernon Rockville, CT United States

Have only been using for a short time but it seems to be improving the many chronic pain issues in my shoulders, neck, and arms . Hoping my chronic pain in my low back and knees will improve in time with continued use. Would like to purchase a larger quantity container next time.

5 of 5 E Zorb Calcium     November 14, 2015
Reviewer: Larry Howell from Gladstone, MO United States  

I order for a friend in Vegas. She LOVES it! Also, dealing with Tanya is a pleasant experience. Ships quickly and gets it there PRONTO!!
Don Howell

4 of 5 excellent product     August 3, 2015
Reviewer: Joyce Lawson from Hamilton, MT

Hate the new packaging.

4 of 5 Ezorb     August 1, 2015
Reviewer: Margaret Estes from Laurel, MI United States

so far o.k. Too soon to expect results for my bones. Easy too use.I like in lemonade to hide the slight metallic taste.

4 of 5 Ezorb powder     July 28, 2015
Reviewer: Ruth Rafello from Montara, CA United States  

Your product has increased my bone density.  However, the last two containers I have used seem harder to dissolve without clumping.  I use apple juice or white grape juice as I have in the past

1 of 5 Ezorb Calcium     June 29, 2015
Reviewer: Kathy Buhler from Stevensville, MT United States  

still waiting for results

5 of 5 Great, works for me.!,     June 12, 2015
Reviewer: Charles Harrell from Tamarac, FL United States

I am very please with  the ezorb calcium. We took a chance and first bought 1 bottle. Then we bought 3. It was the best choice and I am seeing a tremendous change in my heel spur. Thanks so much. I walk 2 miles @ 5:00 am. With out this miracle, I would be quite sad.

5 of 5 Great for my bone spurs     April 10, 2015
Reviewer: vicki gulley from HOWELL, MI United States

I have been taking this for about 2 years.  I started when bone spurs appeared in my heels.  shoe inserts didn't really help.  I ran across EZorb while searching for help.  I gave it a try and it worked (powder).  In my case it wasn't instantaneous.  I used the shoe inserts while on the EZorb  as additional help, and after a month I was able to forget the inserts.  It took about 3 months for it to get to a point where I felt nothing.  I thought I could stop the EZorb, but after a week discovered pain coming back, so I have just stayed on a maintenance daily dose and have been pain free ever since.  I am over 65 and my bones are in great shape despite the fact that I have Rheumatoid arthritis.  I feel it is helping that also.  Haven't ordered yet to get the new bottle.  I did like the wide mouth on the old one.  Smaller bottles should mean less shipping costs, right?

4 of 5 Ezorb     September 2, 2014
Reviewer: Robert Pickett from Gorman, CA United States

Might be too soon to give it comprehensive review, but it doesn't taste that bad (a little bitter), and easily absorbs into different drinks.  I've tried vanilla soy milk and cranberry juice so far...I don't taste the bitterness at all when I use the juice.  Not sure if its going to help the spurs on my feet, but it's only been about 2 weeks, so I have to give it more time for sure. I think I have stronger fingernails and toenails though, so I think it is working to some degree.  Happy so far

5 of 5 knee pain     August 14, 2014
Reviewer: Larry Rosales from St Petersburg, FL United States   

im really happy with ezorb I was having problems with my knees .now after 3 weeks of taking this product im doing my squats every morning with no problem. good product     
5 of 5 Great Product     July 21, 2014
Reviewer: Tina from CARTERSVILLE, GA United States  

The product has relieved me of much pain. Excellent quality. I cannot with certainty say this product alone has achieved this. I saw  natural health consultants and with the EZORB and the recommendations to take other vitamins and herbs, for me it was related to poor health of my kidneys. Keep searching natural health pathways.

4 of 5 EZorb Calcium powder     July 16, 2014
Reviewer: Jan Stewart from Lonoke, AR United States     

It has definitely helped my bone spur in my heel.

4 of 5 Ezorb Calcium/100gPowder= approx 100 tsp     July 2, 2014
Reviewer: from ,     

I just start this product 2 weeks ago, so I can't say anything about this product, I only hope that help me.Ask me after 2-3 months.Thank you.

5 of 5 GREAT PRICE!     June 17, 2014
Reviewer: Pam Richards from Doniphan, MO United States   

I order from Advanced Alternatives Center whenever I need Ezorb or Marvlix.  Their prices are the best and very fast shipping!

4 of 5 Ezorb     March 26, 2014
Reviewer: Tammy Graybeal from Coeur d Alene, ID United States  

Too soon to tell if it is working. No side effects however.

5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium (100g Powder)     January 16, 2014
Reviewer: Jane Davis from Pittsburg, TX United States   

It came very quickly and I am pleased.  From a nutrition test I took in Sept, I found out I am low in calcium, tho I had been taking 1 tsp/day. of Ezorb.  Now I have upped that to 2 tsp/day and hope that will help.

5 of 5 Easily dissolves     May 24, 2013
Reviewer: Donna Auman from Spring Mills, PA United States   

I tried another brand of powder calcium recently and it would not dissolve. This products dissolves instantly and completely. It may cost more, but if you don't want all the grit, it's worth it.

3 of 5 NOT SURE ON THIS EITHER YET     April 2, 2013
Reviewer: Mildred Seaman from Leesburg, FL United States


5 of 5 EZorb     March 28, 2013
Reviewer: Hazel Gordon-Lucas from New York, NY United States   

I have arthritis in my right ankle, which affects my walking
and causes discomfort and difficulty going downstairs.  I have been taking EZorb for about three weeks and am finding it to be very helpful. My walking has improved and some of the stiffness has gone. I take the suggested dose of 2 teaspoons of the powder twice a day. Thank you Tanya for your help on the phone!                  Hazel

5 of 5 Great Product     November 20, 2012
Reviewer: Carmi Alvarez-Smith from Austin, TX United States

I've used Ezorb Calcium Powder for many years now.  I am 75 years old and all my bone density tests have come back with positive results.  I have very strong bones!

5 of 5 Easy to Use     October 18, 2012
Reviewer: Donna Auman from Spring Mills, PA United States  

I put the whole day's worth of powder into my juice in the morning and I don't have to worry about it the rest of the day.

5 of 5 AMAZING PRODUCT!!!     August 3, 2012
Reviewer: Debbie from Watauga, TX United States   

I have something wrong with my shoulder and opted for therapy.  Had an MRI and the chiropractor send I have a very very tiny tear and therapy would work.  Well in the meantime I think I have gotten arthritis in the should also.  Since I have been taking this product the paid has diminished a great deal.  I haven't done any of the therapy I am suppose to do at home anymore.  (guess i should and might get rid of the rest of the pain)!  Great product!!!

5 of 5 EZorb Calcium     July 10, 2012
Reviewer: Sara Hayden from Owensboro, KY United States   

Great service; great product!

5 of 5 purchase product     June 13, 2012
Reviewer: Kathy Thackaberry from San Diego, CA United States  

So far I am satisfied.  Will know later if it is working for my osteoporosis.  I know it seems to help bone ache.

3 of 5 Ezorb Calcium powder     May 17, 2012
Reviewer: Judy Puckett from Sitka, AK United States   

Too soon to tell if it is doing anything.  Will give it a full month.  The powder is a little strong.  Think I will try the capsules next time.

5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium (100g Powder)     May 14, 2012
Reviewer: Kathy Thackaberry from Temecula, CA United States

I was pleased so far with ordering and taking the
Ezorb.  Hoping it will help my osteoporosis .  Getting ready to order some more

5 of 5 ezorb calcium powder     April 16, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Englewood, FL United States  

I have used this product for awhile now and have found it to be ideal for relieving my pain of fibromyalgia. I have recommended it to several of my friends.

5 of 5 Praising EZorb Powder     April 5, 2012
Reviewer: Correna Wilson-Pickens from Shawnee, OK United States   

I'm praising EZorb powder and also Tanya for her helpfulness when called to inform. I could be a top sales woman for this product, as it has helped me by removing severe pain, with no more of using two walking canes, sleepless nights, nearly all need of having to take any pain medication! Praise the Lord for EZorb!! I share about EZorb everywhere I go and carry their telephone number with me so that I can give it to others! I am a two time cancer survivor and chemo meds had caused such terrible pain from causing bone loss, all types of arthiritis, plus I have fibromyalgia. Praise the Lord, I will celebrate my 75th birthday in July and I will keep on telling others of EZorb for a greater quality of pain free, happier and more active life on in your more mature years!!

5 of 5 Ezorb Calcium     March 28, 2012
Reviewer: elizabeth zorn from regina, SK Canada     

My order came within a good and reasonable period of time and I have no complaints.  Thanks

5 of 5 excellent service!     March 20, 2012
Reviewer: joayn milazzo from gualala, CA United States    

product arrived very quickly. Thanks !!

EZorb Calcium is the best calcium supplement with the highest absorption rate of any calcium supplement on the market to date. Are you ready to buy EZorb Calcium for bone, joint and muscle disorders?