Elemental Calcium is listed on the label, What is Elemental Calcium?

Calcium as an element doesn't exist by itself. It always comes in the form of a compound. There are thousands of calcium products out there but they all come down to a handful of compounds, e.g., Calcium compounds include calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, and calcium oratate. In EZorb, the calcium compound is calcium aspartate anhydrous. Elemental calcium is the amount of calcium as an element. When people ask the question about elemental calcium, they really try to measure it against the RDA of calcium intake. The 1000-1500mg RDA of calcium intake was established a long time ago and it totally ignored the fact that different calcium products have dramatically different calcium absorption rates. For example, if you were to take 1500mg calcium from calcium carbonate, your body only gets to absorb 15mg (1%) to 75mg (5%) of calcium. What's more important is not how much you take, it's how much your body gets to absorb. Currently there's no common standard on how much calcium your body should absorb each and every day. The suggested dosage of EZorb has been clinically tested and proven to be the best for different weight groups.

Calcium is an element like iron, oxygen, or hydrogen. It cannot be broken down into any other forms. That is where the word elemental comes from. Elements easily join together to form compounds, otherwise known as molecules. Calcium combines with carbon and oxygen, two other elements, to make the very common dietary calcium formulation known as calcium carbonate, which is the main ingredient in TUMS. So, the molecule known as calcium carbonate contains elemental calcium, elemental carbon, and elemental oxygen.

When calcium carbonate is digested, the calcium that is bound to carbon and oxygen breaks away to return to its elemental form. This quantity is known as elemental calcium. The percentage of elemental calcium in calcium carbonate that is available for our bodies to absorb, is 40 %. It is this number of milligrams (mg) of elemental calcium that we need to count towards meeting our daily recommended amount of calcium. Using calcium carbonate as an example, for every tab that contains 1000 mg of calcium carbonate, 400 mg (the 40 %) of that tablet is elemental calcium and becomes available for absorption in the digestive system. In case you were wondering what the other 60 % of the tablet is, remember that it is the other two elements, carbon and oxygen.

Other calcium supplements work the same way. They are all calcium compounds which contain different amounts of elemental calcium, depending on the particular formulation. Another common calcium supplement formulation, calcium citrate, works the same way. It provides 20 % of the elemental calcium. This means that, if we take a 1000 mg tab of calcium citrate, we will have available 200 mg of calcium by itself.

So, it’s important to read the labels on any supplement that you take. Ask your pharmacist if it doesn’t seem clear. And remember, it’s the elemental calcium that counts!

What is in the EZorb Calcium?

EZorb Calcium is made of organic compounds. Unlike inorganic calcium sources such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate or calcium gluconate, which are easily found in the earth as reefs, rocks or limestone, EZorb Calcium is scientifically synthesized based on Elixir Industry's proprietary technology, and is guaranteed to be soluble for absorption and subsequent bio-utilization. EZorb Calcium is made of anhydrous l-aspartic acid chelates of calcium, also referred to as anhydrous calcium aspartate.

Anhydrous calcium aspartate is the most stable form of calcium aspartate. It is created by binding molecules of l-aspartic acids to atoms of calcium. Laboratory tests show that anhydrous calcium aspartate is 6 times more stable than other forms of calcium aspartate. Among various forms of calcium aspartate, anhydrous calcium aspartate stands out with an unprecedented 92% absorption rate.

L-aspartic acid is one of the important amino acids that make up the human body. When bonded to calcium, l-aspartic acids serve as body guards to protect calcium against attacks from inorganic compounds regularly found in foodstuffs. They also function as transport media to deliver calcium to the destination where calcium consumption takes place.
The raw materials of EZorb are extracted from plants and vegetables.

Why is EZorb Calcium superior to inorganic calcium sources?

In contrast to the high-tech nature of EZorb Calcium, common inorganic minerals that are used in majority of vitamin and mineral supplements today are minerals that are easily found in nature or in the earth as rocks or limestone.

EZorb Calcium is formed of l-aspartic acid chelates of calcium. L-aspartic acid chelates of calcium (also referred to as anhydrous calcium aspartate) and common inorganic calcium supplements are not considered in the same league in the school of nutrition.

First of all, EZorb Calcium is substantially more bioavailable than common inorganic minerals. In order for calcium supplements to be absorbed by body, they have to be soluble in the luminal fluid of the small intestine. The pH of the small intestinal fluid below the duodenum is 7.0-7.2. Inorganic calcium supplements will form insoluble hydroxides and become nonabsorbable at this pH. EZorb Calcium, on the other hand, is well shielded by l-aspartic acids, and will not precipitate. As a result, EZorb Calcium commands an unmatched 92% absorption rate which is 3-9 times higher than that of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.

Secondly, EZorb is the only supplement that increases bone density by stimulating osteoblast activities and enhancing collagen production.

Thirdly, choosing EZorb Calcium also prevents gastrointestinal (G.I.) distress. Inorganic calcium supplements can cause magma precipitation. This precipitation can coat the mucous membrane, resulting in diarrhea and constipation. Anhydrous calcium aspartate, however, does not form magma precipitation, and using them will not cause stomach disorders, small intestine stones or kidney stones.

In addition EZorb Calcium is kept intact from many compounds regularly found in foodstuffs. Those compounds that commonly exist in foods, such as carbonates, phosphates, oxalates and phytates, oftentimes attach themselves to inorganic calcium to form insoluble precipitates. These precipitates will further reduce the absorption of calcium in the small intestine.

Finally using EZorb Calcium helps protect vitamin stability. Inorganic calcium may serve as a catalyst to further the oxidation and degradation of vitamins. Chelated calcium, on the other hand, are well shielded by bonded organic ligands. They will not come in contact with vitamin molecules; thus, the vitamins will be protected from oxidation and degradation. And since magma precipitation is prevented, EZorb Calcium will not absorb vitamins and cause them to become nonabsorbable - problems that common inorganic mineral are known to cause.

How do you compare EZorb Calcium to your competitors products?

Competing products including various forms of amino acid chelates of calcium available for commercial use are in hydrous form, in other words, they all contain two or more crystalline water in the molecules. As a result, the bonding of amino acid molecules to calcium ions is often too weak to stay stable. Hydrous form of calcium aspartate will become insoluble in the pH environment of the small intestine, and will not be bioavailable for absorption. In essence they are not better than common inorganic calcium supplements.

EZorb Calcium is made of anhydrous (waterless) chelates of two l-aspartic acid molecules and a single calcium ion. The strong and stable bonding of l-aspartic acid ligands to the calcium allows complete dissolution over a wide range of pH values. We guarantee that EZorb Calcium is soluble in the small intestine for absorption and subsequent bio-utilization.

How do you compare EZorb Calcium with Coral Calcium?

Coral calcium products are composed of calcium carbonate, the very same inorganic calcium compound you may find in other sources such as rocks or limestone. From a scientific point of view, there is hardly any difference between coral calcium and other once popular traditional calcium supplements such as Tums. They are all hard to absorb, and may all cause kidney stones, lung stones and small intestine stones in the long run.

On the other hand, the development of EZorb Calcium was powered by many years of persistent research on the myth of Okinawa and a latest technology breakthrough.

The technology invented literally reduced thousand-year evolution process in the nature to a few months. EZorb Calcium works even better than its natural counterpart. It has achieved significantly higher absorption and works in a wider range of pH environment.

The tremendous success of EZorb Calcium is a victory of science and mankind. Once again it proves to the world that nature wonders CAN be explained by modern science, and CAN be enhanced to produce better results.

Why doesn't EZorb Calcium contain Vitamin D or magnesium?

Traditional calcium supplements are hardly absorbed in the pH medium of the small intestine. With the help of Vitamin D, their absorption rate is slightly higher.

Taking traditional calcium supplements also suppress your body's ability to absorb magnesium. In the pH environment of the small intestine, inorganic minerals tend to attach themselves to one another and form magma precipitation. Once precipitated, the minerals become nonabsorbable. Therefore taking inorganic calcium supplements will dramatically reduce magnesium absorption. And that is exactly why one needs to supplement magnesium while taking inorganic calcium.

EZorb Calcium, on the other hand, does not need participation of Vitamin D for better absorption. Calcium aspartate anhydrous (CalAA) is absorbed in its molecular form therefore it doesn't need to use Vitamin D as a carrier to penetrate the mucous membrane.

CalAA doesn't interact with other compounds thanks to its strong molecular structure. Therefore EZorb will not affect magnesium absorption.

What should I expect to feel when I start taking EZorb Calcium?

In general you will notice that you have more energy. And most pre-existing symptoms such as pain, cramps, and weakness subside in about 3-6 weeks.

Fibromyalgia patients typically notice improvement within 1-3 weeks, if not just a couple of days, of starting EZorb. You will have much better sleep and have more energy during the day. Muscles will become relaxed and pain levels will drop dramatically. Even vision will become more clear.

For people who have arthritis and/or bone spurs you will start seeing results in about 3-6 weeks. Pain level will reduce continuously while joint cartilage is being repaired. You'll notice that the spurs gradually shrink.

Theoretically people with osteoporosis are not expected to see results until next bone density check. However, since your bone and joint metabolisms are quite low you may also have developed other problems such as joint pain, for which you will notice the difference in 3-6 weeks.

I'm on medication. Is it safe to take EZorb Calcium?

EZorb Calcium is absolutely safe and does not interfere with any prescription drugs.

Will EZorb Calcium cause kidney stones?

It is common for inorganic calcium supplements to cause kidney stones and small intestine stones due to low absorption rate. EZorb Calcium is made of anhydrous calcium aspartate which boasts an exceptional 92% absorption rate. EZorb Calcium is one of the few, if not the only, calcium supplements that will not cause kidney stones.

I'm pregnant. How much EZorb Calcium do I need?

During the last three months of pregnancy, calcium intake is crucial because the baby's bones are developing.

Babies in utero always take the nutrients they need from their mothers, whether or not they leave anything for their mother's bodies to use. If you don't get enough calcium in your diet your baby will be fine in terms of bone and teeth development because the baby will mobilize your own stores of calcium; but relying on your own calcium stores to build your baby's bones can be detrimental to you in the long run. You can develop osteoporosis later in life if you don't consume enough calcium for both you and your growing baby.

Our recommended dosage for you is 6-8 capsules or 3-4 teaspoons of powder a day.

I'm a 36-year-old man. Do I need to take calcium supplements?

Osteoporosis and low bone mass are a major public health threat for an estimated 44 million US women and men aged 50 and older. A new NOF report estimates, by state, congressional District and the top 25 metro areas, the prevalence of low bone mass and osteoporosis in women and men aged 50 and over.

While women who have osteoporosis are four times more than men, almost 12 million men are now estimated to have low bone mass. By 2010, this figure is expected to climb to over 14 million and reach over 17 million men by 2020.

Studies show low calcium intake during younger ages is the major cause of osteoporosis or low bone mass at a later date.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that men of all ages have adequate daily calcium intake to prevent development of osteoporosis. So the answer to your question is yes. You should start taking EZorb as early as possible.

Are there any side effects of EZorb Calcium?

EZorb Calcium is perfectly safe. There are no known side effects to this date.

Can my children take EZorb Calcium?

EZorb Calcium is the best friend for children and teens. Calcium is essential to their bones, teeth and muscle development. Choosing a good calcium supplement for your kids is critical to their growth. Traditional calcium supplements may damage their stomach and cause problems in the long run. EZorb has the highest absorption rate and it does not have any side effects. It is simply the best calcium source for all ages.

I'm a vegetarian. Which form of EZorb Calcium is best for me?

EZorb Powder contains 100% pure calcium aspartate anhydrous (CalAA). CalAA is strictly derived from vegi source. The manufacturing process was designed and implemented specifically to meet vegetarians' requirements. Please use EZorb Powder if you are a vegetarian. EZorb Capsules use gelatin caps that are made from non-vegetarian source.

Which is more effective? Powder or Capsules

EZorb Powder and EZorb Capsules are equally effective. Some people like the powder for ease of use - no pills to swallow. Others like the capsules for convenience. Many new customers purchase both the Powder and the Capsules to find out which form they like the best. Some customers like to use the powder at home and the capsules while traveling for convenience. But you don't have to take both forms of EZorb. In fact, most people use one form or the other.

What is the Importance of Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein. Protein is abundant in the human body, as it is with all living creatures. In humans different systems and parts of the body require different proteins that have a variety of functions. It is these "functional proteins" that are the essence of life.

It is easier to understand collagen if we have some knowledge of the role of proteins within the body and what a protein is made from. Proteins are used by the body for a whole host of things, e.g. within blood (for carrying molecules and for clotting), for digestion (enzymes are proteins), for movement (muscle), etc. etc. One other major role of proteins is that of "structural proteins", i.e. those proteins that contribute to and sustain the integrity of the human structure. Collagen is a structural protein and in this sense is both "functional" and "structural".

Hold this thought for a moment while we look at what makes a protein. Proteins are constructed from biological building blocks called amino acids. There are about 20 amino acids that occur in nature and different proteins are built from some or all of these. By using different numbers of amino acids and by altering the relative sequence of them it is possible to make unique proteins, with unique qualities.

Collagen is unique and also has two amino acids not found in other biological proteins; they are hydroxylated versions of known amino acids that confer special properties. Collagen is found in a number of tissues, in various sub forms, but is particularly abundant within and around joints. Tendon and cartilage owe much of their desirable properties to collagen. Collagen containing structures, such as the ones mentioned, are prone to wear and tear in the body.

Indeed, they are in a constant state of turnover, as with most tissues, but have the disadvantage of having a poor blood supply (this does not favor ease of repair). Due to the demands upon the collagen containing structures (movement and weight bearing) and their slower ability to repair it is vital that we optimize the conditions for helping to maintain joint mobility.

Bones with sufficient collagen composition are steels that are both strong and elastic. Bones with low level of collagen composition are brittle wood that are easily broken. Prescription drugs for osteoporosis slow down loss of bone mass by suppressing bone metabolism. The dead bone mass and collagen "saved" by the drugs take up all the space that would have been filled up by new bone mass and collagen. That's why we've seen so many reports complaining that osteoporosis drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel and Evista made bones brittle, and that people who were treated with them tend to suffer more from bone fractures.

Wear and tear of joint cartilage is the major cause of osteoarthritis. Joint cartilage is 95% built with collagen. The more collagen you have in the joints the less chance you will develop osteoarthritis.

If we consider all the above points, what we need is a way of speeding up collagen production so as to help the repair processes of collagen structures in a safe and preferably natural way.

EZorb Calcium is one of the most effective solutions for that purpose. Clinical trial results indicate that the symptoms associated with collagen structure degradation, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis included, are clearly reduced while taking EZorb.*

EZorb Calcium stimulates metabolism to enhance collagen formation in bones and joints. As a result, bone density will increase (osteoporosis reversed) and cartilage will be repaired (osteoarthritis healed). Other collagen products simply feed your stomach with collagen without knowing whether or not it will be absorbed in its original form, let alone transported to bones and joints.

How does Ezorb benefit bone spurs?

Bone spurs are caused by weakened bone metabolism. Calcium deficiency also contributes to bone spur formation. When bone metabolism starts weakening, osteoblast (bone forming cells) activity diminishes. As a result, less bone mass is being created from calcium. And oftentimes the new bone mass creation process is not completed. Bone spurs are essentially incomplete bone mass.

Calcium deficiency also plays a role. Calcium is consumed by many body functions. If the body doesn't get it from daily supply, it takes calcium away from the bones, causing calcium "erupted" from bones, hence the bone spurs.

Taking EZorb ensures that the body will never run out of calcium for daily consumption, and it stimulates osteoblast activity to convert more calcium into bone mass. Doing so will cut off the supply to the existing bone spurs. And the existing spurs get reabsorbed or reused to create bone mass.

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